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FBJ is an organisation that capitalizes on 50 years accumulation of technology and know-how in the ball androller bearings industry. FBJ Bearings support the Automotive, Industrial and Agricultural market providingsuperior and quality products with the most competitive pricing. With an extensive network that spreads overJapan , Singapore , Asia Pacific, Africa , Central & South America, FBJ continually sourced out potentialcountries for it's expanding distribution network. Together with it's aim of providing excellent customer servicethrough the implementation of a quality management system, FBJ has obtained ISO 9001 certification toensure superior product quality as a commitment to bring success to your business.

FBJ Bearings' took over FKC's more than 50 year's accumulation of technology and know-how.
Since 1950, we have maintained quality through application of advanced technology. We commit continual investment in tools with focus in grinding, assembling and testing process.
FBJ Bearings' range of products encompasses Automotive, Industrial and Agricultural markets. Our extensive array of superior and quality products of over 5,500 line items supports a distribution network spanning across the continents.
FBJ Bearings' Mission is to establish our brand of bearings as a global organization dedicated to provide customers with reliable services and commitment.
FBJ Bearings' Core values, 5PQs. We firmly believe in consistency of our Products, constantly investing in People, commitment in quality